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A terrorist attack in Mumbai has shaken up the whole country. But the terrorist attacks in North-East have hardly ever drawn any attention. Every now and then people are getting killed in North Eastern states. Is their life less important than those who died in Mumbai? Is it because the victims of Mumbai attack are from Higher Society and those who get killed in North Eastern states are the ordinary people? Or is it because the target in Mumbai was Hotel Taj and Oberoi whereas in North-East it’s mostly explosions on road side?

Whatever be the reason, one thing I am sure about that every human being has an equal right to live.

The government, media and everyone is pointing fingers to Pakistan saying that these activities are being planned and controlled from Pakistan and the Pakistan Government should take strong steps against such organizations. If what I know is correct, the Naxalites who operate in different parts of the country are operating from Indian soil and the Indian government has not been able to control them. In this context the Indian government appears to be in a similar situation as that of Pakistan. Why can’t India take the same strong steps against Naxalites which it expects Pakistan to take against the terrorist groups based in their territory?

Or all this is just a show off? Ultimately we need someone to point finger at and luckily we have got enough evidence against Pakistan for doing so.

There are actually two ways in which such situation can be dealt. The first option is to take control, take strong (severely strong) steps and ensure that such incident doesn’t happen in future (Angry young man >> Amitabh Bachhan in Deewar, Sholey, Zanjeer). The other option is to cry your heart out, scream, and blame others for your suffering. Ultimately when you get exhausted and gain consciousness you realize that you have so many other responsibilities. You convince yourself that the bad time is over and time will heal all the wounds (Vijay’s mother >> Nirupma Roy).

Is there is a need to mention that which way among the above two does India follow?

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