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Do check the comments for clarification.

I have a BIG DOUBT (appears big to me) and my only intention of writing this post is to get a clarification. So, if you are looking for some knowledge gain over here, you may instead be inviting a BIG PAIN in your head. I am inviting only contributors who can help me clarify MY BIG DOUBT. Anyone else reading this article will be doing so at his own risk.

Okay. Let me start now.
I was reading the first chapter, ECM Basics of Pawan Kumar’s book on Documentum Content Management Foundations and came across the following.

The term Content Server is used in two contexts – the Content Server software that is installed and resides on the file system and the Content Server instance, which is the running process that resides in memory and serves content at runtime. However there is little chance of confusion since the usage is often clear from the context and the term Content Server is typically used without additional qualification (software or process/instance).
A Content Server instance is dedicated to and manages only one repository. However, we will see later in architecture discussion that multiple Content Server instances can be dedicated to the same repository. This is typically done for performance reasons where the multiple Content Server processes divide up the load for serving content from the same repository.

Pawan is pretty clear in what he has mentioned. I got the doubt while relating it to the practical usage.

In practice while creating an environment setup we first install Content Server on a server (after installing database) system and then we create repositories. We can have multiple repositories. What we have now is one installation of Content Server Software and more than one repository.
Once all the installation and configuration process is over (including Content Server, Application Server, Webtop/Custom Application) and the application is ready for use, we can connect to the application through a browser. We get a login screen where we get the drop-down having the repository names to choose from. We can select any repository on the login screen and connect to it after authentication.

Now the thing which I am wondering about: As per the book the repositories have dedicated Content Server Instances. So if we have two repositories, we should as well be having two Content Server Instances which are actually running Processes/Programs. Where can I see these instances? When are they created? How can I make two Content Server Instances to serve single repository?

I don’t have an answer to these questions.
After a lot of brain storming I could think of starting/stopping of docbases using Documentum Server Manager. By starting a docbase we are indeed starting a process or a program. This program for sure is dedicated to the particular repository. So, shall it be correct if I say that by starting a docbase through Server Manager, I am actually starting a Content Server instance?


I am sorry if it is a NON-SENSE of a very HIGH LEVEL, but this was the best I could think of. Even if I assume the statement to be true, how am I going to make an additional Content Server instance to serve the same repository? This is creating a much bigger pain in my head. I am confused and I am sure I am creating pain in my audience’s head too. Just wondering whether docbroker is also involved somewhere in the scene?

Let me stop here. This pain is becoming unbearable and I want to get rid of it.
Looking forward for some clarification. Any kind of help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

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