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It was last week and I was writing a post about Rab ne bana di jodi. I had watched the movie on the weekend earlier to that. One of my colleagues happened to see the title. He immediately asked whether I had watched it. The answer was obvious. I won’t be writing about a movie without watching it. Before he could ask further, considering it my responsibility, I immediately clarified that I am not a fan of Mr. Khan. He responded to it in a very familiar way. So you are Aamir’s fan? Yes, I like his movies. Jo Jita Wohi Sikandar is one of my all time favorites. But I can’t call myself a fan of him. I didn’t have any options left. It has to be Khiladiyoon ka Khiladi, Mr. Akshay Kumar. Isn’t it? I find his comedy much better than that of Govinda. But I am not in his fan list either.

I was never eager to watch Rab ne…. Neither am I waiting for Ghajini. What about Chandni Chok to China? I would prefer it over the other two. But I haven’t watched Singh is King yet, though I have it in my laptop for more than a month now.

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Believe me; I do like watching movies in theatre. So which is the next movie that I am going to watch in a multiplex? Recently I saw the promo of Billu Barber. I suppose that should be the one. You haven’t heard of the movie? It stars Irfan Khan and I suppose he plays the title role. I have seen even Mr. SRK in the promo. I only hope that he just has a special appearance. I don’t want him to ruin my happiness. I have realized that I was expecting something unfeasible. The recent promos confirm that Mr. Khan has indeed ruined my happiness. Billu Barber is off the list.

You may say I don’t have a taste for movies. I strongly object to it. I do have a taste and a very strong one. In that case which was my favorite movie in 2008? Have you heard of Mithya? I knew you wouldn’t have. It was a comedy and Ranvir Shorey was the leading actor. Oh.. you won’t be knowing him either. I can understand that. He doesn’t has that six or eight packs of abs. But he is indeed in my list of favorites.

You would have seen him as younger son of Mr. Khosla in Khosla ka Ghosla. As Vinay Pathak’s friend in Bheja Fry. In Pyar ke side effects? Yes, the Mallika Sherawat movie. You don’t remember any other actor in that movie? Rahul Bose’s friend. The guy who never finds a need to changes his under-wear for a whole week. I still remember his logic for the excitement girls have about their marriage. Remember his dance in the club?

Uttkarsh's most interesting photos on Flickriver

You haven’t watched any of these? In that case you won’t know my taste. No Issues. It is anyway not important. But still I would recommend Mithya. It is not a movie that you should miss. You can even download it through torrent. You can let me know if you don’t get it. But there is a caution. Watch it at your own risk! It can severely alter your taste for movies! It can also lead to loss of SRK’s/Aamir’s name from your list of favorite actors! It’s your decision and you will be responsible for any consequences. The only line which I would like to add:

Marzi hae aapki… Aakhir taste hae aapka. 😉

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